Style NumberStyle NameTier One PricingTypeFace WeightDensityTARR
5A0463 Square Ultraloc$19.93Broadloom Carpet3464423
60563Associate Ultraloc$9.94Broadloom Carpet2452052.5
5A125Blog BL$12.90Broadloom Carpet2455033
5A130Bloom Plush Ultraloc$39.26Broadloom Carpet4066362.5
60755Bridge EPBL$17.51Broadloom Carpet2874123
60737Cadence EPBL$19.50Broadloom Carpet2061543
60734Charisma EPBL$13.80Broadloom Carpet2284263.5
60550Constellation Ultraloc$13.04Broadloom Carpet2678003.5
5A091Corded Ultraloc$13.96Broadloom Carpet2863803
5A092Cross Stitch Ultraloc$14.13Broadloom Carpet2658143
5A048Crown Colony III Ultraloc$25.56Broadloom Carpet3683083
50912Culture$10.20Broadloom Carpet2862223
5A032Design Series V30$10.22Broadloom Carpet3053732.5
5A033Design Series V36$12.58Broadloom Carpet3658912
60765Dusk Ultraloc$18.97Broadloom Carpet2472613.5
60770Engrave EPBL$23.85Broadloom Carpet2461713.5
60740Entity ULT$12.25Broadloom Carpet2880643.5
60754Essence Ultraloc$20.01Broadloom Carpet2867203
60772Façade EPBL$15.55Broadloom Carpet2257393.5
5A161Fiber EBL$21.34Broadloom Carpet3682032
60665Field Trip EPBL$14.87Broadloom Carpet2894213.5
60497Field Trip Ultraloc$11.59Broadloom Carpet2894214
5A129Float Plush Ultraloc$39.14Broadloom Carpet4066362
60689Glade EPBL$17.98Broadloom Carpet2867653.5
5A020Glow$18.54Broadloom Carpet3466523
60707Grace EPBL$22.50Broadloom Carpet3272912.5
5A153Gradient$11.64Broadloom Carpet30110203
60735Highlight EPBL$15.43Broadloom Carpet3085713
60668Hit The Books EPBL$14.54Broadloom Carpet2273333.5
5A193Inlay BL$15.55Broadloom Carpet2257813.5
60589Interplay Ultraloc$9.64Broadloom Carpet2680693
5A035Java$13.86Broadloom Carpet2868114
60741Joie EPBL$22.02Broadloom Carpet2689143
60696Meadow EPBL$16.01Broadloom Carpet2889203.5
5A070Mecca$10.48Broadloom Carpet2457602.5
5A204Modify$11.39Broadloom Carpet2051803
60602Momentum IV$9.55Broadloom Carpet2861092.5
5A179Natural Selection$35.65Broadloom Carpet4284943
5A141Navigate Ultraloc$15.76Broadloom Carpet2673703
5A034Palu$16.45Broadloom Carpet3259082
60687Pebble EPBL$20.45Broadloom Carpet3080003
5A025Peto II$10.28Broadloom Carpet2663242
60736Profile EPBL$16.30Broadloom Carpet2877543.5
50521Scepter II$17.04Broadloom Carpet4262222.5
60514Scholar II$11.10Broadloom Carpet2870003
60771Screen EPBL$23.85Broadloom Carpet2457223.5
5A215Scribe Classicbac$10.58Broadloom Carpet2051063
5A162Sewn EPBL$15.32Broadloom Carpet2672003
5A163Shibori EBL$20.11Broadloom Carpet2870003.5
60761Social Media EPBL$16.59Broadloom Carpet2684323.5
5A205Switch$11.39Broadloom Carpet2050353
5A123Text BL$12.82Broadloom Carpet2662403.5
5A151Tint BL$11.06Broadloom Carpet2486403.5
5A152Tone BL$10.75Broadloom Carpet2469683
5A203Transfer$11.39Broadloom Carpet2050353
60749Trellis EPBL$23.80Broadloom Carpet3068793
60710Tribute EPBL$22.06Broadloom Carpet3272003
60748Twine EPBL$23.80Broadloom Carpet3077703
50515Utopian$20.17Broadloom Carpet3274813.5
60742Verve EPBL$22.92Broadloom Carpet2881293
60743Vitae EPBL$22.92Broadloom Carpet2873043
60709Wisdom EPBL$15.26Broadloom Carpet2668823.5
5T003Absorbed Tile (24" X 24")$20.70Carpet Tile2069903.5
59145Abstract Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.25Carpet Tile2267123.5
5T107Achromatic Tile (18" X 36")$20.22Carpet Tile1864803.5
5T089Activity Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Carpet Tile2272663.5
59567Adorn Tile (24" X 24")$34.32Carpet Tile4094743
5T202Advance Tile (12" X 48")$21.77Carpet Tile2084713.5
59384Affluence Tile (24" X 24")$26.18Carpet Tile2881293
5T015Agate Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Carpet Tile2262363.5
59327Allure Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Carpet Tile1752763
5T126Analog Tile (18" X 36")$21.67Carpet Tile1870433.5
5T004Applied Tile (24" X 24")$20.52Carpet Tile2272663
5T097Artisan Tile (24" x 24")$42.20Carpet Tile38124362.5
5T064Augment Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Carpet Tile2073473.5
59340Balance Tile (24" X 24")$20.23Carpet Tile1758852
5T121Basic Tile (24" X 24")$15.03Carpet Tile1344573
5T043Bias Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Carpet Tile2260463
5T025Blend Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Carpet Tile3475563.5
5T195Bliss Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Carpet Tile2484713.5
59572Block Print Tile (24" X 24")$23.57Carpet Tile2460853
59357Blox Tile (24" X 24")$21.89Carpet Tile2472613.5
59596Blur Tile (18" X 36")$25.33Carpet Tile2465453.5
59529Brilliance Tile (24" X 24")$21.57Carpet Tile2676103
59113Byline Tile (24" X 24")$19.17Carpet Tile1756153
59554Captivate Tile (24" X 24")$19.38Carpet Tile1973553.5
59579Catalyst Tile (24" X 24")$17.50Carpet Tile1750583
5T176Central Line Tile (9" x 36")$17.68Carpet Tile1765813
5T124Centric Tile (24" X 24")$16.86Carpet Tile1563533
59494Chain Stitch Tile (24" X 24")$26.13Carpet Tile2867203.5
59561Charisma Tile (24" X 24")$20.44Carpet Tile2274023.5
59583Chroma Tile (24" X 24")$24.20Carpet Tile2063723.5
5T175City Central Tile (9" X 36")$16.07Carpet Tile1765813
59564Clear Tile (24" X 24")$17.41Carpet Tile1545002.5
5T096Cloth Tile (24" X 24")$38.36Carpet Tile38123243
5T112Color Form Tile (9" x 36")$21.10Carpet Tile1765113.5
5T081Color Frame Tile (24" X 24")$19.18Carpet Tile1872003
59358Color Play Tile (24" X 24")$21.42Carpet Tile1876243.5
59595Colour Plank Tile (18" X 36")$25.81Carpet Tile3093913.5
59342Connect Tile (24" X 24")$18.44Carpet Tile1758853
59326Constellation Tile (24" X 24")$21.27Carpet Tile2487273.5
5T104Construct EW24 (24" x 24")$22.02Carpet Tile1871213.5
5T103Copy EW24 (24" x 24")$22.02Carpet Tile1869683.5
59491Corded Tile (24" X 24")$25.30Carpet Tile2868573.5
59571Craft Tile (24" X 24")$23.88Carpet Tile2468573
5T203Dash Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Carpet Tile20102863.5
59390Décor Tile (24" X 24")$26.10Carpet Tile2891643
59575Diffuse Tile (24" X 24")$17.18Carpet Tile1662613.5
59576Disperse Tile (24" X 24")$17.17Carpet Tile1661283.5
5T127Distort Tile (18" X 36")$21.67Carpet Tile1866123.5
5T142Drift Tile (9" x 36")$28.51Carpet Tile2260923
5T108Duotone Tile (18" X 36")$22.24Carpet Tile1861713.5
5T040Embark Tile (24" X 24")$17.56Carpet Tile1758293.5
59573Embellish Tile (24" X 24")$21.99Carpet Tile2280823
59343Emotion Tile (24" X 24")$21.73Carpet Tile1758852
5T187Engage Tile (24" x 24")$21.67Carpet Tile1660633.5
5T033Entrée Tile (24" X 24")$28.28Carpet Tile44.560913
5T059Expand Tile (18" X 36")$25.92Carpet Tile2269473.5
59597Fade Tile (18" X 36")$25.25Carpet Tile2472003
5T079Field Tile (24" x 24")$20.90Carpet Tile1754643
59455Focus Tile (24" X 24")$20.60Carpet Tile1748962.5
5T062Folded Edge Tile (18" X 36")$27.99Carpet Tile2477843.5
5T060Folded Tile (18" X 36")$27.99Carpet Tile2470823.5
5T169Foundation Tile (12" X 48")$23.95Carpet Tile2471403.5
5T038Fringe Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Carpet Tile1864803
59562Glaze Tile (24" x 24")$18.76Carpet Tile1545002.5
59329Glimmer Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Carpet Tile1752762.5
5T128Glitch Tile (9" X 36")$21.67Carpet Tile1872003.5
59360Glitz Tile (24" X 24")$23.64Carpet Tile3081204
59534Gradient Tile (24" X 24")$18.24Carpet Tile2074233
59479Groundworks III EW24 (24" X 24")$24.65Carpet Tile2060003.5
5T037Haze Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Carpet Tile1866123
5T024Hint Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Carpet Tile3475563
59115Horizontal Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.26Carpet Tile2267123.5
59580Hybrid Tile (24" X 24")$17.48Carpet Tile1750583.5
5T065Hype Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Carpet Tile2072733.5
5T049Ignite Tile (18" X 36")$23.85Carpet Tile1861713
59592Imprint Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Carpet Tile2675483.5
5T010Infinite Tile (24" X 24")$17.22Carpet Tile1661283.5
5T085Interact EW24 (24" x 24")$27.37Carpet Tile2270093.5
59558Intrigue Tile (24" X 24")$19.47Carpet Tile1973553.5
5T016Jasper Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Carpet Tile2260923.5
5T046Kasuri Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Carpet Tile2260923.5
59359Kinetic Tile (24" X 24")$21.78Carpet Tile1876243.5
5T099Kit Tile (24" X 24")$37.32Carpet Tile38104432.5
59492Knit Tile (24" X 24")$25.97Carpet Tile2858853
5T194Kusa Tile (24" X 24")$25.63Carpet Tile2472613.5
59106Linage Tile (24" X 24")$19.20Carpet Tile1754643
5T055Linear Hexagon Tile$32.14Carpet Tile2060503.5
5T056Linear Shift Hexagon Tile$32.14Carpet Tile2069903.5
5T144Linger Tile (9" x 36")$28.51Carpet Tile2464963
59105Link Tile (24" X 24")$19.20Carpet Tile1754643
59362Luminosity Tile (24" X 24")$24.18Carpet Tile3076603
5T130Manipulate Tile (9" X 36")$21.67Carpet Tile1867503.5
59167Merge Tile (18" X 36")$26.60Carpet Tile1858383.5
5T044Mesh Tile (24"X 24")$22.81Carpet Tile2260463
5T014Mica Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Carpet Tile2262363.5
59164Minimal Tile (18" X 36")$26.67Carpet Tile1864803.5
59466Mirror Image Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Carpet Tile1956532.5
59598Overlay Tile (18" X 36")$25.27Carpet Tile2468033
5T034Path Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Carpet Tile2887653.5
5T083Pause Tile (24" X 24")$24.88Carpet Tile2279203.5
59369Peto 20 II Tile (24" X 24")$18.76Carpet Tile2077423
59371Peto 26 II Tile (24" X 24")$21.20Carpet Tile2682113
5T098Plain Weave Tile (24" X 24")$38.36Carpet Tile3899133
5T035Portal Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Carpet Tile2878143.5
59525Prairie Tile (24" X 24")$24.83Carpet Tile2869043.5
5T123Primary Tile (24" X 24")$16.54Carpet Tile1348753
59463Prisma Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Carpet Tile1949932.5
5T017Quartz Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Carpet Tile2265453.5
59361Radiance Tile (24" X 24")$24.55Carpet Tile3090763.5
5T078Realm EW24 (24" x 24")$20.34Carpet Tile1647213.5
5T091Rest Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Carpet Tile2279203.5
5T168ResurfaceTile (12" X 48")$29.65Carpet Tile3472433
59363Riche Tile (24" X 24")$22.92Carpet Tile2874123
5T105Rotate Tile (24" X 24")$20.02Carpet Tile1866803.5
5T080Scape Tile (24" x 24")$20.33Carpet Tile1647213
5T173Sea Edge Tile (24" x 24")$16.54Carpet Tile1779483.5
5T172Sea Tile (24" X 24")$15.03Carpet Tile1779483.5
5T196Serenity Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Carpet Tile2489073.5
59328Shine Tile (24" x 24")$19.86Carpet Tile1752763
59550Site Lines Tile (24" X 24")$22.14Carpet Tile2462613.5
59591Sketch Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Carpet Tile2675483.5
5T077Social Media Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Carpet Tile2688303.5
59584Spectrum Tile (24" X 24")$24.98Carpet Tile2062613.5
5T084Step Tile (24" X 24")$24.88Carpet Tile2274723.5
5T051Still Tile (18" X 36")$23.85Carpet Tile1856353
59224Straight Forward Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Carpet Tile1745003
59530Striking Tile (24" X 24")$21.60Carpet Tile2676103.5
5T125Surround Tile (24" X 24")$16.86Carpet Tile1564293
5T018Tangle Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Carpet Tile1650533
5T022Technique Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Carpet Tile3475563
5T019Tempt Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Carpet Tile1650533
59587The Eccentric Tile (24" X 24")$28.19Carpet Tile2881293
59585The Socialite Tile (24" X 24")$28.57Carpet Tile2886153
5T186Think Tile (24" x 24")$19.37Carpet Tile1660633.5
5T156Tinge Tile (9" x 36")$19.39Carpet Tile1766523.5
5T204Track Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Carpet Tile2087803.5
5T197Tranquil Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Carpet Tile2486403.5
59563Transparent Tile (24" X 24")$17.32Carpet Tile1545002.5
59368Tru Colors Tile (24" X 24")$22.90Carpet Tile30116133.5
5T205Turn Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Carpet Tile2098633.5
5T157Undertone Tile (9" X 36")$16.75Carpet Tile1766523
59416Unity Tile (24" X 24")$23.50Carpet Tile2469122.5
5T090Unwind Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Carpet Tile2274723.5
5T110Value Tile (9" X 36")$20.22Carpet Tile1867503.5
5T023Vanish Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Carpet Tile3481063
5T086Vantage EW24 (24" x 24")$27.37Carpet Tile2274723.5
5T036Vapor Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Carpet Tile1864803
5T009Vast Tile (24" X 24")$17.22Carpet Tile1661283.5
59594Veil Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Carpet Tile2673133
59114Vertical Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.25Carpet Tile2267123.5
5T001Vibrant Tile (24" X 24")$20.89Carpet Tile2062073.5
5T002Visible Tile (24" X 24")$20.82Carpet Tile2066673.5
5T039Wander Tile (24" X 24")$21.17Carpet Tile1760003.5
5A0463 Square Ultraloc$19.93Special Use Stain Resistant3464423
5T089Activity Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Special Use Stain Resistant2272663.5
5T202Advance Tile (12" X 48")$21.77Special Use Stain Resistant2084713.5
59384Affluence Tile (24" X 24")$26.18Special Use Stain Resistant2881293
59327Allure Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Special Use Stain Resistant1752763
5T097Artisan Tile (24" x 24")$42.20Special Use Stain Resistant38124362.5
5T064Augment Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Special Use Stain Resistant2073473.5
5T195Bliss Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Special Use Stain Resistant2484713.5
59596Blur Tile (18" X 36")$25.33Special Use Stain Resistant2465453.5
59529Brilliance Tile (24" X 24")$21.57Special Use Stain Resistant2676103
60737Cadence EPBL$19.50Special Use Stain Resistant2061543
59554Captivate Tile (24" X 24")$19.38Special Use Stain Resistant1973553.5
59579Catalyst Tile (24" X 24")$17.50Special Use Stain Resistant1750583
59564Clear Tile (24" X 24")$17.41Special Use Stain Resistant1545002.5
5T096Cloth Tile (24" X 24")$38.36Special Use Stain Resistant38123243
59595Colour Plank Tile (18" X 36")$25.81Special Use Stain Resistant3093913.5
5T104Construct EW24 (24" x 24")$22.02Special Use Stain Resistant1871213.5
5T103Copy EW24 (24" x 24")$22.02Special Use Stain Resistant1869683.5
50912Culture$10.20Special Use Stain Resistant2862223
5T203Dash Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Special Use Stain Resistant20102863.5
59390Décor Tile (24" X 24")$26.10Special Use Stain Resistant2891643
59575Diffuse Tile (24" X 24")$17.18Special Use Stain Resistant1662613.5
59576Disperse Tile (24" X 24")$17.17Special Use Stain Resistant1661283.5
5T108Duotone Tile (18" X 36")$22.24Special Use Stain Resistant1861713.5
60765Dusk Ultraloc$18.97Special Use Stain Resistant2472613.5
60740Entity ULT$12.25Special Use Stain Resistant2880643.5
5T033Entrée Tile (24" X 24")$28.28Special Use Stain Resistant44.560913
59424Etch Tile (24" X 24")$23.88Special Use Stain Resistant3081203.5
60689Glade EPBL$17.98Special Use Stain Resistant2867653.5
59562Glaze Tile (24" x 24")$18.76Special Use Stain Resistant1545002.5
59329Glimmer Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Special Use Stain Resistant1752762.5
59360Glitz (24" X 24")$23.64Special Use Stain Resistant3081204
5A153Gradient$11.64Special Use Stain Resistant30110203
59534Gradient Tile (24" X 24")$18.24Special Use Stain Resistant2074233
60735Highlight EPBL$15.43Special Use Stain Resistant3085713
59580Hybrid Tile (24" X 24")$17.48Special Use Stain Resistant1750583.5
5T065Hype Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Special Use Stain Resistant2072733.5
59592Imprint Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Special Use Stain Resistant2675483.5
5T085Interact EW24 (24" x 24")$27.37Special Use Stain Resistant2270093.5
60589Interplay Ultraloc$9.64Special Use Stain Resistant2680693
59558Intrigue Tile (24" X 24")$19.47Special Use Stain Resistant1973553.5
5T099Kit Tile (24" X 24")$37.32Special Use Stain Resistant38104432.5
59105Link Tile (24" X 24")$19.20Special Use Stain Resistant1754643
59362Luminosity Tile (24" X 24")$24.18Special Use Stain Resistant3076603
59426Mimic Tile (24" X 24")$26.79Special Use Stain Resistant2082443
59466Mirror Image Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Special Use Stain Resistant1956532.5
5A204Modify$11.39Special Use Stain Resistant2051803
59425Parody EW24 (24" X 24")$27.10Special Use Stain Resistant3082444
5T034Path Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Special Use Stain Resistant2887653.5
5T083Pause Tile (24" X 24")$24.88Special Use Stain Resistant2279203.5
60687Pebble EPBL$20.45Special Use Stain Resistant3080003
5T035Portal Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Special Use Stain Resistant2878143.5
59463Prisma Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Special Use Stain Resistant1949932.5
59361Radiance TIle (24" X 24")$24.55Special Use Stain Resistant3090763.5
5T078Realm EW24 (24" x 24")$20.34Special Use Stain Resistant1647213.5
5T091Rest Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Special Use Stain Resistant2279203.5
5T105Rotate Tile (24" X 24")$20.02Special Use Stain Resistant1866803.5
5T080Scape Tile (24" x 24")$20.33Special Use Stain Resistant1647213
60514Scholar II$11.10Special Use Stain Resistant2870003
5T196Serenity Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Special Use Stain Resistant2489073.5
59328Shine Tile (24" x 24")$19.86Special Use Stain Resistant1752763
59591Sketch Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Special Use Stain Resistant2675483.5
60761Social Media EPBL$16.59Special Use Stain Resistant2684323.5
5T077Social Media Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Special Use Stain Resistant2688303.5
59530Striking Tile (24" X 24")$21.60Special Use Stain Resistant2676103.5
5A205Switch$11.39Special Use Stain Resistant2050353
5T018Tangle Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Special Use Stain Resistant1650533
5T019Tempt Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Special Use Stain Resistant1650533
5T156Tinge Tile (9" x 36")$19.39Special Use Stain Resistant1766523.5
5A151Tint BL$11.06Special Use Stain Resistant2486403.5
5A152Tone BL$10.75Special Use Stain Resistant2469683
5T204Track Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Special Use Stain Resistant2087803.5
5T197Tranquil Tile (9" x 36")$24.96Special Use Stain Resistant2486403.5
5A203Transfer$11.39Special Use Stain Resistant2050353
59563Transparent Tile (24" X 24")$17.32Special Use Stain Resistant1545002.5
60749Trellis EPBL$23.80Special Use Stain Resistant3068793
5T205Turn Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Special Use Stain Resistant2098633.5
5T090Unwind Tile (24" X 24")$24.77Special Use Stain Resistant2274723.5
59594Veil Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Special Use Stain Resistant2673133
60742Verve EPBL$22.92Special Use Stain Resistant2881293
5A0463 Square Ultraloc$19.93Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3464423
5T003Absorbed Tile (24" X 24")$20.70Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2069903.5
59145Abstract Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.25Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2267123.5
5T107Achromatic Tile (18" X 36")$20.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1864803.5
59567Adorn Tile (24" X 24")$34.32Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)4094743
5T202Advance Tile (12" X 48")$21.77Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2084713.5
59384Affluence Tile (24" X 24")$26.18Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2881293
5T015Agate Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2262363.5
59327Allure Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1752763
5T126Analog Tile (18" X 36")$21.67Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1870433.5
5T004Applied Tile (24" X 24")$20.52Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2272663
5T097Artisan Tile (24" x 24")$42.20Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)38124362.5
60563Associate Ult$9.94Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2452052.5
5T064Augment Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2073473.5
59340Balance Tile (24" X 24")$20.23Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1758852
5T121Basic Tile (24" X 24")$15.03Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1344573
5T043Bias Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)22604633
5T025Blend Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3475563.5
59572Block Print Tile (24" X 24")$23.57Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2460853
5A125Blog BL$12.90Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2455033
5A130Bloom Plush Ultraloc$39.26Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)4066362.5
59357Blox Tile (24" X 24")$21.89Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2472613.5
59596Blur Tile (18" X 36")$25.33Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2465453.5
59529Brilliance Tile (24" X 24")$21.57Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2676103
60737Cadence EPBL$19.50Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2061543
59554Captivate Tile (24" X 24")$19.38Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1973553.5
59579Catalyst Tile (24" X 24")$17.50Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1750583
5T176Central Line Tile (9" x 36")$17.68Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1765813
5T124Centric Tile (24" X 24")$16.86Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1563533
59494Chain Stitch Tile (24" X 24")$26.13Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2867203.5
60734Charisma EPBL$13.80Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2284263.5
59561Charisma Tile (24" X 24")$20.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2274023.5
5T175City Central Tile (9" X 36")$16.07Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1765813
59331Classical Tile (24" X 24")$22.48Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)6712
59564Clear Tile (24" X 24")$17.41Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1545002.5
5T096Cloth Tile (24" X 24")$38.36Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)38123243
5T112Color Form Tile (9" x 36")$21.10Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1765113.5
5T081Color Frame Tile (24" X 24")$19.18Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1872003
59358Color Play Tile (24" X 24")$21.42Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1876243.5
59595Colour Plank Tile (18" X 36")$25.81Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3093913.5
59342Connect TIle (24" X 24")$18.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1758853
59326Constellation Tile (24" X 24")$21.27Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2487273.5
60550Constellation Ultraloc$13.04Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2678003.5
59491Corded Tile (24" X 24")$25.30Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2868573.5
59571Craft Tile (24" X 24")$23.88Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2468573
5A092Cross Stitch Ultraloc$14.13Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2658143
50912Culture$10.20Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2862223
5T203Dash Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)20102863.5
59390Décor Tile (24" X 24")$26.10Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2891643
59575Diffuse Tile (24" X 24")$17.18Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1662613.5
59576Disperse Tile (24" X 24")$17.17Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1661283.5
5T127Distort Tile (18" X 36")$21.67Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1866123.5
5T142Drift Tile (9" x 36")$28.51Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2260923
5T108Duotone Tile (18" X 36")$22.24Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1861713.5
5T040Embark Tile (24"x24")$17.56Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1758293.5
59573Embellish Tile (24" X 24")$21.99Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2280823
60770Engrave EPBL$23.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2461713.5
60740Entity ULT$12.25Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2880643.5
59424Etch Tile (24" X 24")$23.88Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)8120
5T059Expand Tile (18" X 36")$25.92Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2269473.5
60772Façade EPBL$15.55Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2257393.5
5A161Fiber EBL$21.34Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3682032
5T079Field Tile (24" x 24")$20.90Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1754643
60665Field Trip EPBL$14.87Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2894213.5
60497Field Trip Ultraloc$11.59Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2894214
5A129Float Plush Ultraloc$39.14Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)4066362
59455Focus Tile (24" X 24")$20.60Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1748962.5
5T062Folded Edge Tile (18" X 36")$27.99Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2477843.5
5T060Folded Tile (18" X 36")$27.99Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2470823.5
5T169Foundation Tile (12" X 48")$23.95Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2471403.5
5T038Fringe Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1864803
60689Glade EPBL$17.98Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2867653.5
59562Glaze Tile (24" x 24")$18.76Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1545002.5
59329Glimmer Tile (24" x 24")$19.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1752762.5
5T128Glitch Tile (9" X 36")$21.67Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1872003.5
59360Glitz Tile (24" X 24")$23.64Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3081204
5A020Glow$18.54Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3466523
60707Grace EPBL$22.50Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3272912.5
5A153Gradient$11.64Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)30110203
59534Gradient Tile (24" X 24")$18.24Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)7423
5T037Haze Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)6612
60735Highlight EPBL$15.43Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)8571
5T024Hint Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3475563
60668Hit The Books EPBL$14.54Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2273333.5
59115Horizontal Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.26Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2267123.5
59580Hybrid Tile (24" X 24")$17.48Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1750583.5
5T065Hype Tile (24" X 24")$20.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2072733.5
5T049Ignite Tile (18" X 36")$23.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1861713
59592Imprint Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2675483.5
5T010Infinite Tile (24" X 24")$17.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1661283
5A193Inlay BL$15.55Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2257813.5
5T085Interact EW24 (24" x 24")$27.37Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2270093.5
60589Interplay Ultraloc$9.64Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2680693
59558Intrigue Tile (24" X 24")$19.47Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1973553.5
5T016Jasper Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2260923.5
5A035Java$13.86Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2868114
59332Jazz Tile (24" X 24")$25.79Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2266003
60741Joie EPBL$22.02Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2689143
59359Kinetic Tile (24" X 24")$21.78Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1876243.5
5T099Kit Tile (24" X 24")$37.32Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)38104432.5
59492Knit Tile (24" X 24")$25.97Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2858853
5T194Kusa Tile (24" X 24")$25.63Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2472613.5
5T055Linear Hexagon Tile$32.14Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2060503.5
5T056Linear Shift Hexagon Tile$32.14Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2069903.5
5T144Linger Tile (9" x 36")$28.51Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2464963
59105Link Tile (24" X 24")$19.20Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1754643
59362Luminosity Tile (24" X 24")$24.18Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3076603
5T130Manipulate Tile (9" X 36")$21.67Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1867503.5
59167Merge Tile (18" X 36")$26.60Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1858383.5
5T044Mesh Tile (24" X 24")$22.81Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2260463
5T014Mica Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2262363.5
59426Mimic Tile (24" X 24")$26.79Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3082444
59164Minimal Tile (18" X 36")$26.67Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1864803.5
59466Mirror Image Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1956532.5
5A204Modify$11.39Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2051803
5A179Natural Selection$35.65Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)4084943
5A141Navigate Ultraloc$15.76Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2673703
59598Overlay Tile (18" X 36")$25.27Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2468033
5A034Palu$16.45Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3259082
5T034Path Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2887653.5
5T083Pause Tile (24" X 24")$24.88Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2279203.5
60687Pebble EPBL$20.45Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3080003
59369Peto 20 II Tile (24" X 24")$18.76Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2077423
59371Peto 26 II Tile (24" X 24")$21.20Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2682113
5A025Peto II$10.28Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2663242
5T098Plain Weave Tile (24" X 24")$38.36Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3899133
5T035Portal Tile (24" X 24")$25.81Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2878143.5
59525Prairie Tile (24" X 24")$24.83Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2869043.5
5T123Primary Tile (24" X 24")$16.54Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1348753
59463Prisma Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1949932.5
60736Profile EPBL$16.30Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2877543.5
5T017Quartz Tile (18" X 36")$26.44Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2265453.5
59361Radiance Tile (24" X 24")$24.55Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3090763.5
5T078Realm EW24 (24" x 24")$20.34Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1647213.5
5T168ResurfaceTile (12" X 48")$29.65Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3472433
5T080Scape Tile (24" x 24")$20.33Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1647213
60771Screen EPBL$23.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2457223.5
5T173Sea Edge Tile (24" x 24")$16.54Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1779483.5
5T172Sea Tile (24" X 24")$15.03Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1779483.5
5A162Sewn EPBL$15.32Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2672003
5A163Shibori EBL$20.11Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2870003.5
59328Shine Tile (24" x 24")$19.86Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1752763
59550Site Lines Tile (24" X 24")$22.14Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2462613.5
59591Sketch Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2675483.5
59584Spectrum Tile (24" X 24")$24.98Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2062613.5
5T084Step Tile (24" X 24")$24.88Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2274723.5
5T051Still Tile (18"X36")$23.85Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1856353
59224Straight Forward Tile (24" X 24")$21.94Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1745003
59530Striking Tile (24" X 24")$21.60Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2676103.5
5A205Switch$11.39Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2050353
5T018Tangle Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1650533
5T022Technique Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3475563
5T019Tempt Tile (24" x 24")$19.27Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1650533
5A123Text BL$12.82Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2662403.5
59587The Eccentric Tile (24" X 24")$28.19Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2881293
59585The Socialite Tile (24" X 24")$28.57Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2886153
5T156Tinge Tile (9" x 36")$19.39Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1766523.5
5A151Tint BL$11.06Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2486403.5
5A152Tone BL$10.75Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2469683
5T204Track Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2087803.5
5A203Transfer$11.39Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2050353.5
59563Transparent Tile (24" X 24")$17.32Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1545002.5
60710Tribute EPBL$22.06Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3272003
59368Tru Colors Tile (24" X 24")$22.90Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)30116133.5
5T205Turn Tile (12" x 48")$21.77Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2098633.5
5T157Undertone Tile (9" X 36")$16.75Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1766523
59416Unity Tile (24" X 24")$23.50Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2469122.5
5T110Value Tile (9" X 36")$20.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1867503.5
5T023Vanish Tile (24" X 24")$30.07Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)3481063
5T086Vantage EW24 (24" x 24")$27.37Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2274723
5T036Vapor Tile (18" X 36")$19.70Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1864803
5T009Vast Tile (24" X 24")$17.22Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1661283.5
59594Veil Tile (24" X 24")$23.16Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2673133
59114Vertical Edge Tile (18" x 36")$30.25Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2267123.5
60742Verve EPBL$22.92Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2881293
5T001Vibrant Tile (24" X 24")$20.89Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2062073.5
5T002Visible Tile (24" X 24")$20.82Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2066673.5
60743Vitae EPBL$22.92Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2873043
5T039Wander Tile (24" X 24")$21.17Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)1760003.5
60709Wisdom EPBL$15.26Recycled Content Carpet (Executive Order 13101)2668823.5
732V5At Ease$15.21New Introduction of Products393191
732W6At Ease 49$17.75New Introduction of Products48.83137
XV540Military Housing$14.22New Introduction of Products2111
1000Multi-Purpose Adhesive$33.21Optional Installation
1200Multi-Purpose Adhesive$29.38Optional Installation
3600Broadloom Adhesive w/ Florstep Antimicrobial$43.23Optional Installation
4000Broadloom Seal Seaer$9.54Optional Installation
8300Adhesive, Eco Broadloom Seam Sealer$5.68Optional Installation
5100Pressure Sensitive Adhesive$66.12Optional Installation
00LDALokDot Applicator$57.60Optional Installation
00LDRLokDot Adhesive Dot Sleeve$288.00Optional Installation
4100BAdhesive LG - 4100 4 Gal Roll Goods$113.77Optional Installation
AVSCCAdvantage System (Roll)$255.05Optional Installation